James is a cybersecurity operations center (SOC) analyst for a local financial organization. James wants to be more involved in developing the skills of high school kids while also networking with other other members of the cybersecurity community. James has some experience teaching new analysts; however he does not have any formal training or experience teaching high school kids.

Madeline is a college student who has an interest in cybersecurity, but has no experience in the field. Madeline’s college major is English and she intends to be a teacher, however she would like to participate in cyber security capture the flag contests to experience both mentoring and cybersecurity.

Jose is a high school student with a passion for cybersecurity. Jose would isn’t’ sure which area of cybersecurity he wants to focus on and would like to participate in capture the flag competition to gain experience.

Chris is a cybersecurity college student who wants to build upon his knowledge and education through participation in capture the flag contests. Additionally, Chris is looking for opportunities to network with other members of the community.

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