Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The information that’s collected from public sources, analyzing it, and is used for intelligence purposes. It consists of identifying what vulnerabilities are exploited, intercepting information about an upcoming attack.  OSINT assists security professionals in prioritizing their assets for addressing the most significant current threats.  OSINT can be used by security professionals but can also be used by anyone who poses a threat.  Normally, open-source intelligence belonged in national security, investigating crime and cybercrime, and researching threat intelligence or investigating malware campaigns and advanced persistent threat (APT) groups. Now, OSINT is also useful for your average company penetration testers, red teams and privacy-aware people.  Everyone who browses and shops online and uses social media are prime candidates of OSINT.

A list of some tools used for collecting open source intelligence (OSINT)
  1. Whois
  2. Nslookup
  3. FOCA
  4. The Harvester
  5. Shodan
  6. Maltego
  7. Recon-ng
  8. Censys
  9. UserSearch
Here are some video links about OSINT:
What is Open Source Intelligence? Intro to OSINT
Open Source Intelligence 101

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