SoCal Cyber Cup Mentor Training

Who Can Be A Mentor?

Teachers, parents and Software / Cyber professionals, helping younger generations to explore and develop an interest in STEM through the Cyber Cup is a powerful way to give to your community.

Mentor Training

The cybersecurity mentor training program has a comprehensive learning path with nine significant security… Read more


Cyber security is a discipline that encompasses a vast body of knowledge and competencies. Aside from the basic knowledge outlined in technical skills participants should attempt to expand their knowledge in nine specifics domains of… Read more

Technical Skills

Cyber security capture the flag competitions present participants with the opportunity to learn new skills while sharpening existing skills… Read more

Still not sure on what your future career should be?

Why not check our Career recommendation pages to get more information about professional certifications, educations, job roles, and more Cybersecurity resources…

About Us

The SoCal Cyber Cup Mentorship website is the capstone project for four National University Cyber Security Graduate students… See more


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